Brief Behaviour Change Counseling Intervention

Estimated cost: R1001 – R5000
Field Of Study: Family Medicine and Primary Care
Department Name: Family Medicine and Primary Care


The overall goal of this training is to ensure that health care providers from diverse backgrounds, working in a variety of settings, are trained to use a best practice, brief behaviour change counseling method for patients with risky life style behaviours, to give evidence-based, accurate information, and to offer effective guidance or/and referral. Specific objectives of the course are to:

Achieve beginning proficiency in the guiding style and key MI skills
Be able to apply a patient centred approach to each of the steps of the 5As

Entry Requirement: Advanced Certificates/Diploma/or Equivalent Qualification
Certificate Type: Attendance
Delivery Mode: Contact
Duration: 8 hours
Presentation Language: English
Contact Person Name: M James
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Phone: (021) 938 9563
Latest Year Offered: 2020